About Us

Our History

Ashley Custom Homes was born from the union of two worlds harmoniously brought together by Gino Luce & Maurizio Testa. Their solid partnership was founded upon their decades of years of unsurpassed building experience and their dynamic passion for family, honesty, accountability and innovative design. This solid partnership is constantly pushing and redefining the notion of “standard,” and “common” to exceptional.

In 2011, Ashley Custom Homes was founded with one goal in mind: to give customers the opportunity to create their own unique custom home; a haven in which new home owners would feel totally satisfied and complete.

Our custom homes are meticulously built with your family in mind, in a neighbourhood where we would raise our own families. Our personal approach allows our company to work together with our customers to create a wonderful community in which to grow, raise a family, pursue dreams and grow old peacefully.

Our work and our business structure is guided by the principles of honesty, family, and accountability. As members of the community and members of our own nuclear families, we have come to posess an innate understanding of what our customers want:

  • fine quality & craftsmanship
  • latest trends & technology
  • custom fitting details to their tastes
  • competitive prices
  • accountability

As a growing custom home builder, our passions for exceptional architecture, precise design and earth-friendly green solutions are evident in all of our projects. We are constantly pushing the limits in the areas of development, design, and construction, to provide efficient benefits for our customers and future generations.

Gino Luce

born in Milan, Italy, comes from a family of three generations of builders. Gino graduated as a certified accountant and went on to further specialize his skills with a masters in real estate and enterprise communications.

Gino’s extensive background and experience in economics and accounting led him be appointed as the general manager of the contracting division of the family company, where he was responsible for commercial, residential, industrial and construction business. His proficiency in managing has played a great role in making his family company one of the leading builders in Southern Milan. Well versed in all financial aspects of longevity business, Gino’s speciality lies in high rise condominiums and luxury homes. His expertise and background in the building sector is also a result of his interaction and involvement with the latest cutting edge designs and European trends.



Maurizio Testa

Maurizio Testa, born and raised in Hamilton, ON, is an experienced entrepreneur who has been working in the construction industry for over twenty years. Maurizio’s family business, a general contracting framing company, has been a part of constructing many of Hamilton’s iconic downtown buildings. Executing fine quality and workmanship with finite attention to details, Maurizio and his company have earned a reputation as one of the leading actors in the residential market.

Maurizio’s extensive expertise and experience lies in the areas of interior design, commercial and residential construction. His pursuit of perfection is evident in the craftsmanship in each home. His passion for interior design is also seen in his past production of custom interiors and furnishings, producing high-end modern and contemporary custom designs.